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IS this part of the AMP?

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upon removing y backseats today i found this under the drivers side back seat (the bottom part under your ass) it doent look like its supposed to be there and that side of the seat has always been higher then the other side anyone know what this is and where it is supposed to go??


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I am just going to take a guess here, but I think that could be the unit for the optional cell-phone. Do you have a ski sack? Cuz if you do, maybe the cell-phone thing was mounted under the seat.

Sim Garcha
1991 Acura Legend LS Sedan
nope no ski rack, it looks like it goes to the second antenna in the back of the windshield so maybe its a reciver for the radio or somwthing?
I don't think that has anything to do with an amp, but that cable looks like a 9-pin serial cable. If it goes to the back windshield, I would think it may have been the control unit for the cell phone too, but I don't understand why the seat wouldn't go all the way down. Acura/Honda probably wouldnt place it there if they would have that complaint... maybe :confused: .
That is definitly not a stock piece. Nothing's suppose to be underneath the rear bench, I agree with everyone else, it probably a aftermarket cell phone brain. Your amp should be a behind the back rest of the rear seats. It's a black box with 3 plugs going into it.
i have no idea what it is but i left it in there and main wire going to it said AMP on it (look at the picture) so i dident know what to think but ?? the amp was in place though behind the seat nothing wrong whith that.
I have that too, and I also have a optional cell phone kit installed.
what does the cell phone kit do??
It allows you to use the built-in car phone that was a feature on the Legend. I don't know of anyone who actually has it working right now.

Sim Garcha
1991 Acura Legend LS Sedan
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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