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Issues with my 95 Acura Legend

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I am new to the forum and have spend a little time researching around. I have had an issue come up as the winter is here.... My Ac/Heat dashboard display seems to not turn on.... along with this the heated seats won't turn on as well as the defrost and I think the dash lights with the black twist nob to make things brighter on the dash/where the foot pedals are... The radio and blinkers and everything else works.. I thought it was a connection issue but the interesting thing is when they don't work I have a ABS/TCS yellow light on...Occasionally the ABS/TCS light turns off and the dashboard works perfectly fine (along with the AC/Heat all works great... no fan issues or anything!) I have read about unplugging the ABS fuses which I will try tonight or read about the RR tail fuse under the hood. I notice that this issue mainly happens in the morning and when I leave to go home from work sometimes it starts up and is fine! If I just turn the key to on and not turn it over I see this ABS light stuck on and the heat/ac system is off.I realize how ripping apart the dashboard and finding a connection issue can be like a needle in a haystack... Anyone else have this issue or have any ideas?

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first thing that came to mind was fuses, my dash lights etc went out too, turned out to be the fuse under the hood like you mentioned already. Sadly I didn't check if my climate control quit functioning
Minnesota? Im willing to bet it's cold related. I've seen funkiness in the electric system when it gets very cold. I'd put the car in a warmer place, if at all possible, and disconnect the battery overnight. Maybe it'll feel better after that.
Ah yeah I may try to disconnect the battery.. I just went and looked at the fuses and connections.. Everything seemed to be normal.. The heat display did turn on and off... then stayed off.. I tried to fiddle with any connections. I was thinking maybe it could be the dashboard having a problem? I wonder how hard it is to take off the display?
Just read about the radio/climate control removal.. My question is does the blower motor turn on the heater control system? I just am confused that when the ABS/TCS lights turn off the climate control turns on and it does blow hot air and works fine.. So maybe a connection issue? I have a bad feeling it's going to be a hell of a time finding it...
FOUND THE PROBLEM! There is a connector/wires under the steering wheel.. I just about gave up but decided to jiggle them. If I bend them one way the ABS light goes off and I hear the blower fan seem to turn on/the dash to turn on.. Not sure what connector or if I will have to sauter something.. but glad I found it.
Glad you figured it out. Few things quite so maddening as a loose wire - and not knowing which one or where to look.
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