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JDM 1piece headlights

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I dont know if this is a stupid question but I just received my 1 piece headlights and I wanted to know if i can just do a headlights converstion with U.S spec replacments and then putting and H.I.D.kit instead of doing it the other way that many have done but seems complicated to me?
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you can just add hid's the problem with that is the glare blinds oncoming traffic and will get you some tickets.

That's why we do projector retrofits, the normal housing's weren't designed for hid use.
Thanks for letting me know. Is there some pics that I can see so that I can get a good idea of what to do I want to get this done before winter comes also who can do these retro fits I pretty useless when it comes to stuff like this.
I'm getting Telion to do mines but there are other members who do them also. Expressive I believe does too.
Once I get my Legend runing right, Im gonna do a projector retrofit
It can be done the way you want it but you would have to modify the headlights and the wires for the retro fit can be gotten easy from most any auto parts store.
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