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JDM foglights

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So I just got JDM's and one of the yellow glass lenses is broke so now I dont know what todo I'm sure there is no way to replace it? So I thought I would ask you guys what I should do. Here is the only two things I could think of 1.)brake out the other lens and put in yellow h3 bulbs or 2.)paint one h3 bulb yellow to try and match but I dont think they will (and I cant find bulb paint so I thought I would fog on yellow high temp engine paint?) Thankls for any help you guys can give.
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stevieray said:
PIAA makes a yellow H3 bulb.
:werd: PIAA Ion Yellow bulbs are your friend. :)
A couple things: You don't have to break it out because it is removeable. And I believe the first generation TL has the same yellow glass piece inside their headlight. I have not confirmed if it will fit, but I saw both of them and they are very similar. On another note, I have not found a used TL headlight for cheap, nor do i think anyone that owns a TL will sell me just the yellow glass piece :mad: . If you somehow find them, get me one!!
Is that from our jdm's or out of TL headlights?and how did you get that piece? can you buy it?
Those pics are of the yellow glass from my JDMs. If you end up getting yellow h3 bulbs, I'll buy yours. Or how bout I send you my yellow h3 bulbs + money for your yellow lens?
That won't work cause now that I know you can take it out I want one too...
how could we get them?
Hey Scott you have PM.
now i just need to figure out how to get them out and the new ones in....
its easy. well its easy when you have the headlights off the car but basically its 3 screws that are holding the metal thingy thats holding the bulb clip and where the bulb sits. just unscrew those 3 screws

take out the whole thing
and press down on the yellow lens and turn it so it comes apart and just replace it.

i hope thats how it goes... im doing a projector retro and now im forgetting where everything goes.
Thank you for the help. I'll repost when i get it done this weekend (hopefully) and let everyone know how it went.
That was so simple it took about 10 min thanks for the help i'll put some good pics up soon
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