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JDM Legend Sedan

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I found this while surfing the net...

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That's a JDM Legend rolling on 19's. That was posted by a friend of the owner on a couple months back. :)
LegendGS... No, I didn't... I wonder why the seller closed the auction? Provided the auction did go through, is it registerable. In other words would it have passed smog? What about insurance?Whould any insurance company insured a right had drive car> Not sure if it would matter... Just thinking out loud..

:werd: up

that has to be one of the best legends i have ever seen. Clean as MUG. lowered on 19's wihtthe factory (my favorite) spoiler. Im not a color buff, is that Rosewood? could rid of the decal on the fender though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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