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Jedinyte120 Eyelids

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Where can I get these?
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Hi PJ, I'll take a set for my JDM headlights (coupe). If you can paint them I'll pay extra but if you can't that's ok. Just tell me your email for your paypal account so I can send money.

[email protected]
just wanted to drop by and say they were really nice. they are made of fiberglass. i had mine on during the winter months and it was fine. well worth the money IMO and they fit perfectly! he did have like 3 style to choose from if i remember correctly.
If I remember right, Shaar made some eyelids with electrical tape. They looked awesome although temporary. Can't beat carbon fiber though.
Bump Please
I really want to get a pair of these, dont care if they are fiberglass or carbon, going to be painted regaurdless, if anyone has some for sale, or who ever made them wants to make more let me know!
those are really nice I would love a pair what do i need to do
PJ's eyelids are top notch. You can really tell the time and effort that was put into them when you have them in your hand.

PJ, I tried to put one on before I painted to check fitament and the hood would not close. I closed it fairly hard and fear that if I close it too hard that I might crack them.
This is a pic of my headlight, the hood and bumper fit so flush against the light there is little room to work with sorry the pic is so small

This is a pic of jedinyte120 and you can see a much bigger gap

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Mike Diaz said:
PJ's eyelids are HOT! Spend the extra money for the Carbon Fiber eyelids.
Yup! I've got the carbon fibers too... Great looking eyelids
They won't fit :( What do I do??? The paint job on the lids came out great too. Any ideas?
Well I managed to slide them on with the hood closed. They look SICK!!!!
Figures I don't have my digi today. Let me try with the camera phone. Warning my car is very dirty.
Those are very nice eyelids. I just wanted to add that I made my own similar pair of eyelids using the GTO plastic headlight covers and a Dremel to cut out the pattern...a little paint from website or whatever + 3M Velcro tape ....Bada Bing custom eyebrows! if your a crafty mofo like me:nerd:
I am bumping this because i want to know how much people paid for these and if PJ is still around to make them? They look really good! I wonder how they would look on a milano red coupe? Anyone have pics of that?
I can still make them, however I don't have any time right now. With work these side projects take way too long to finish. When things slow down a bit I will be more than happy to make parts for anyone that is interested.

stalker said:
Well I managed to slide them on with the hood closed. They look SICK!!!!
Figures I don't have my digi today. Let me try with the camera phone. Warning my car is very dirty.
sorry, I've been out of town for a while. Don't worry about slaming the hood on them they will be ok. They have 30oz of glass per sq/ft. Just to test them out I drove over them with my dad's X5, not your set but one I made a while back. The pice that wraps around the corner lamp cracked but them main part of the eyelids was still in one piece. There was some cracking but that's to bee expected with a SUV driving over them.
Thanks for the update PJ. How much did you charge for a set of these eyelides you made for the coupe? Just let us know when you are ready to make some more.
I am first in line for the stalker type eyelids in C.F. :)
Okay, maybe not first, but I P.M.'d PJ a while back :p

These eyelids are off the hook!
Sounds like there will be a clan of us driving with these soon.

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