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I have a set of Ukranian munchkins that stay in the trunk till i have a flat, then they gather around my car like a F-1 pitstop crew and i'm off in 9.1 sec.......:D

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Off the top of my head, here goes (I OWN this thread!!! :) ):

(note I will make additions as I remember them)

Set of sockets
Socket wrench
wrenches galore, one adjustable wrench
lots of screwdrivers
one old flare
my broken antenna mast
set of chisels
set of files
4 walkie talkies
1 gallon of water
2 empty plastic water containers
water gun (one of the 2 foot long kind you squeeze... in case i need compressed water)
breaker bar
2 coat hangers (lots of uses for these actually, stick a ball of duct tape on the end and you can pull screws that have fallen into hard to reach places out, etc)
2 raquetballs (came with the car.. hell why not)
swimming goggles (also came with the car... well who knows they might come in handy too! if i'm wearing contacts and i might get gasoline sprayed in my eyes or something...)
Two tire jacks and irons
2 2 foot pieces of wood
Duct tape (never leave home without it!)
4 feet of garden hose
2 empty glass jars (plastic ones melt, from heat and gas)
~20 feet of rope
metal pan (usually for soaking stuff in carb cleaner)
at least 1qt atf/oil/psf
ruler! (tape measure broke)
Gallon of gasoline
3 flashlights (a big one, a medium sized one, and a small one)

wheel cleaner
engine degreaser
liquid wrench
wd40 (2 cans)
carb cleaner (3 cans)
silicone spray

assorted rags for
smelly stuff (gas)
messy stuff (oil, atf, psf)
windows (old underwear)
bird crap (old shirt)

wash mit
wax (meguairs or whatever it is)
small clean towels
soap (that doesn't kill the wax)

elbow pads
knee pads
outdoor rollerblade wheels
tennis racket
2 tennis balls

spools of wire (at least 500 feet)
jumper cables

pens/pencils/orange crayons (for marking things inside the engine bay)
6 plastic bags
paper bag

Tool box:
- Pliers, large
- Pliers, small (for electronics and getting those clamps off the injectors)
- electrical tape
- needles, for poking into wires
- 6 alligator clips
- grind stone (never know when I'll need to sharpen a knife...)
- assorted sand paper
- soldering iron and solder
- razor blade
- scizzors hehe
- floppy disks
- other assorted useful stuff
- other stuff I will *never* use (a 12 digit LCD, for example)

spare fuel pump (works fine, replaced cuz its noisy)
spare fuel pump assembly
2 fuel injectors (somewhat leaky, but will get me home)
set of spark plugs (the ones i pulled out of the car last time :) )
coil wire
8 spare fuel injector o-rings
4 spare hose clamps
10mm, 12mm bolts and nuts
2 feet radiator hose

2 hockey sticks (in the cabin actually), wood easton and aluminum easton

I have jack stands but leave them at home because they take up too much space.

That's off the top of my head, I know I have more than that. I try and have 2 of anything important just in case one breaks. With all this stuff I am ready for the apocalypse... or at least a breakdown on the freeway.

most conspicuous missing items: epoxy, spare belts, non perishable food

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I have a tool set with the essentials... sockets, wrenchs, screwdrivers, etc. A bunch of rags, a litre of oil, my cleaning supplies, an amp for the speakers, and a road side safety kit, which includes a blanket, candles, flares, matches, some non perishible food, some other stuff, and an Ak-47 and a glock for those road rage incidents that turn sour.... (Did I type that out loud..J/K!!):D :D

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DAAAAAMN SLUGMAN, and all that fits in your trunk:eek:

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heres what i carry

bed sheet that covers the floor of the trunk to "keep it clean". Damn asians...even got to keep the trunk clean..

jumper cables- poor friends with broke cars that i have to jump 4 times in 10 min

old plastic toy steering wheel - because when i was little i used to pretend i drove when i sat in the middle.

a dead whore - well..because she was jus being a B**ch.

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Oh man, I just remembered this movie I made in HS... two car jackers (Nash Napey and Skip Burrows) carjack a car belonging to drug smugglers. Of course the smugglers want their car back, and the DEA is also investigating... in the trunk there was (supposedly) guns, a rocket launcher (PVC pipe and lots of duct tape), 50 kilos of cocaine (flour), a dead body (played by me), and one copy of Loving Samantha (a smut book). The guns didn't go over very well with the local police hehe...

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my subs, amp, saxophone, 2 bottles of fix-a-flat (who needs a spair tire when u got 2+ bottles of fix-a-flat?), socket set, a lot of other crap I can remember, jack stands, jack, my Nautica jacket, Chinese New Year presents (don't ask), box of condoms, my gf's pills (isn't she suppose to be taking those???), all my back issues of Super Street, Sport Compact Car, Import Tuner, and Turbo magizines, and that's what I can remember rite now

I'm too sexy for my car
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i have a toolbox with 256 tools, leather cleaner, windshield washer fluid, type II coolant, spare tire, water, 2 emergency flares, touch up paint, snow brush, jumping cables, glass cleaner, wd-40, silicone spray, wheel cleaners, rags, sponges, funnels, and a small baseball bat. I had so many more items back there but I cleaned it out last weekend. It was getting too junky in there. I gotta find me a spare tire jack because the one I have doesnt have the handle so I cant lift sh!t. If anyone has a spare one let me know. Or I might just go to strauss and buy me a jack and stands.

I just cleaned out my trunk... So just my amp and sub.. and some cleaning products for my Coupe... Also the spare and jack that has never been used *nock on wood*

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2 Jacks (Ones the original)
2 full spare tires (I hate donughts)
various tools
car cleaning equip (rim cleaner ect)
various Junk

not too much I guess I cary the defensive tools in the cabin I have a 15 inch Iron rod under the passenger seats in case anyone other then me takes too much of a liking to my baby :D

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I carry a set of golf clubs, a couple of jackets, shoes, t-ball bat and a 3 foot wrecking bar( never know when you'll need that ) a few random tools, car cleaning stuff, vavoline break fluid. and in about a week ill add a sub and an amp to that

BTW HurricaneLegend, Cooler of Beer? all the time, i checked your profile, OCT 20, 1984? 17 cooler of beer my a$$. yeah right im pretty good and i cant constantly get beer. and im a year and a half older. J/K. BTW you shouldnt drink and drive.

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