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Just a stock coupe... [huge pics]

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Just a stock coupe... [7 New Pics!!]

Hey all, some of you may recognize my name from my post a few weeks back...basically I'm a new Legend owner who hasn't done anything to the car except enjoy it. It's pretty much all stock minus the tinted rear windows, HIDs, and upgraged sound system. In my thread I didn't have any pics because I didn't have a camera but the good news is I got one for Christmas!! Without further are my pictures...


-92 Coupe
-Pearl White
-5 Speed
-157,XXX Miles

I have a lot of questions and I need opinions as well, it would mean a lot to me if you responded to what I had to say in my original post...thanks!
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hey i'm in the bay area too, and i have the same color stock coupe(94) as you, guess i'll be seeing you around sometime. i'm in san leandro, bay area. nice pics, i see youre proud of your HIDS i have some from my sedan that i took out before i sold it, maybe i will put them back in now. BTW the cops pulled me over on East 14th once, and said they were too bright.
wow thats awsome ! lovin the hids and the whitelegend ness... last 2 pics are my favorite
gotta love 92 5 speed coupes...nice car drop it and rims and your set...
thanks for the compliments!
yes, im not gonna lie, i'm proud of my HIDs cuz they're pretty much the only aftermarket thing on my car right now so it's all I have to set me apart from the crowd! haha. i live in sunnyvale but i'm all over the bay because my parents live in marin county...and no matter where I go I never get pulled over for them.

once I get the car up to speed on maintanence I plan on dropping it and further down the line, getting some rims....what do you guys think of these...i can't decide if i want them in white or gray....

jryde...what is your suspension setup? I'm lovin how low your legend is and that's what I'm aiming for....but do you lose a lot of ride quality? I still want a luxury car...
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:D Looks like my coupe but a year newer.

I really like your pics and your sig. :)

Chirs (Mr. Wood)

Frost on Ivory
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thanks wooder!

if you're ever in cali in my area we should meet up for a photoshoot for our "twins" haha
beautiful Legend.. Lovin the HIDs! :)
That's a beautiful Coupe! I love wet Legends. :eek:

It's nice to see another Bay Area Legend. I'm in Santa Clara...see you around. :)
thanks guys!

i wish i had enough money to make my dreams a reality right now. but it looks like college and bills come first and whatever is left over is used to make sure she runs smooth. hopefully once my paychecks get bigger i can drop it with some nice wheels and maybe get a remus exhaust.

sergio, youre in santa clara??? im in sunnyvale haha i see legends around here all the time but i've never seen yours...and trust me...i'd know if i saw it, what a looker! haha
updated with 7 new night shots....this little shoot showed me how badly i need a tripod...theres a lot of "noise" in the pictures because apparently my hand isn't suitable for holding a camera perfectly still....
Nice coupe. But, I think the glare from those HIDs blinded me.

get a short shifter through Rangerjoe.

Trust me on this one. ;)
I already grind 3rd, 5th, and Reverse if I shift too fast into any of them...I love short shifters but I'm certain that would just make the problem worse...
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