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Ok, I was just calling a couple places about leather repair and re-dying. The seccond place I called is a mobile out of a truck sort of thing and I had to leave a message. The first place I called said they could re-spray it, but that I could buy the "stuff" at an auto parts store and do it myself. Anyone know what the heck this guy was talking about? Was he full of crap? If anyone has used something like this I would really appreciate you telling me how it worked out.

I went to Acura for touch up paint and asked them if they could reccomend someplace. The guy I talked to said there are a lot of places that can do new leather, but he does not know of any that will re-dye. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Please help. Anyone in Washington that knows of someplace-PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

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I just used Tana shoe polish (in spray can).

Got black leather, so it was easy to match.
My driver's seat doesn't have that "worn look" anymore.

I was scared it would rub off, but it did not.
Even tried a damp cloth on it, and no colour came off.
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