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Just picked up a prime 90 LS Sedan 5-speed... Of course A/C doesn't work

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So, it was changed over to 134a by previous owner. Blew cold until about six months ago.

I figured, "Maybe it just needs a recharge", but stupid me, it doesn't just slowly drop freon levels over the years.

So I hook up the pressure gauge from the recharge kit to the quick-release line and check pressure. Flat. Empty. Zero psi of freon.

I do what any intelligent engineer does, I charge that sum'b up! After about 3 or 4 bursts, I'm in the blue zone. But the air isn't cold! The pressure isn't dropping but the air isn't cold.

So I call an expert... He says he's had plenty of Legends lose their AC and usually it's a fan control module. I tell him that the freon was low and he says...

"There's only two reasons you'd have low freon and none of them have to do with the fan control module or ecm. There's a bypass valve on the back of the compressor that will release freon if it detects a high temperature beyond operating capacity so you don't blow your compressor up and the most likely reason, there's a leak."

I'm wondering, is this going to be costly? He said he'll charge $9.99 to look at it and he said he guarantees he can figure out what it is for that price. Normally he charges $45 to "figure it out" but he's running some kind of weekend special.
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Have him check it out since he can put in a dye and use special glasses with light to see where it is leaking.
Turns out it was the compressor. I ordered a refurb from Ebay and the shipment was damaged so it was returned to sender. My girlfriend said to just use her Amazon account since she has Prime so it's being delivered today.

I'm going to do the replacement myself since the entire A/C system is already empty from the failed compressor and then I'll just pay someone to recharge it.

I also grabbed a new receiver/accumulator because it's recommended.
Cheap Diagnosis

Getting all that figured out for $9.99 was a bargain!
For that kind of a bargain, I'm going to drive 260 miles up to Nashville and pay this guy a visit.

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