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Just picked up a sweet 95 Legend LS coupe

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I really want to show pictures but the site won't let me until I have 15 posts....I guess. If someone wants to post them up for me I will email them immediately.

1995 Milano Red Legend Ls coupe
155k miles (full restoration)
20" wheels with KYB and lowering springs
timing belt and h20 pump done 10k miles ago
complete interior and paint about 15k miles ago

It is very beautiful but I am a sucker for stock LS rims..if anyone has any for sale lmk
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Welcome to the fourms nice ka8 if you want to get your count up welcome a few new members. Then post them in the photo gallery.
Cool I guess I will work on that....just out of curiosity how do I get some of those red clear tailights? need to get rid of this ugly
there was a guy on here who had them for sale but not anymore. They are copies of some jdm company called hill top.
I can't seem to find anything about them anywhere....any advice/help?
They will have to be custom made or maybe some one will sale there set! But not sure how that will work I got my set from Japan.
Looks like I have to get rid of my Legend it really sucks. I want to keep it but personal issues are forcing me to sell it. If you know anyone interested plz pm me. Willing to take a loss need to move quick.
:( what do the all red look like I haven't seen them
Guy in the forum makes them, he might be able to make some for you. GL.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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