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I just found this forum. I have in my possesion a 1988 Sterling 825SL automatic. I stopped driving it 2 years ago due to transmission problems and got a new daily driver.

Anyway, the car doesn't like to shift until it's warmed up and sometimes it makes odd clunking noises. I'm just wondering if there's an easy thing I can try to fix it? I've heard that the "cylinders" that engage the clutches have o-rings on them that sometimes get caught, keeping the transmission from shifting and that taking apart the transmission and turning the cylinders around can fix that. Has anyone heard of this? The transmission was rebuilt around 100k and the car has 130k on it now.

Also, the A/C has a leak. I want to replace the o-rings and switch it over to R-134a, but from reading the forums here, it seems like there are a couple other things I should be doing.

Everyone is telling me to sell the car, but I'm having a hard time doing it :) If I can fix everything up cheaply, I'd like that. I guess I should ask what do you guys think?

Sorry for the long post and sorry if I'm being a little general in my questions. Mostly I wanted to say "hi".

1988 Sterling 825SL
1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 #330/2000
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