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going about fixing
I read up on the EGR system, but im still not sure how to go about fixing the problem. i know that too much exhaust is being let back into the intake. it seems as though the ECU has about everything to do with the valve letting the exhaust in/out, but i also read that vacuum tubes are associated with the system as well. i just got a WR intake about 2 weeks ago, and have decided it could be a number of things. maybe,
1) i should disconnect/reconnect the ECU/ battery, and see if the comp. adjusts the ratios itself
2)get the intake/vacuum tubes checked to see if there is a faulty hose
3)hoses are not connected in the right order or fashion.
4)could also be another emmisions system (forgot the name)
i have also noticed since i connected the intake that my steering makes hissing type noises when i turn the wheel, and i thought it might have something to do with the vacuum tubes as well, but im not too sure about that one.
anyway, Johnny 5 needs more input, so, KNLNGUS, if your still out there, tell me what you think! im such a novice that i need all the help i can get
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