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I have found quite a few options for shipping cars to Atlanta for NOPI and back to LA. I need to get a count of all those interested. I am looking at air, truck, and rail. I have a warehouse in Atlanta where the cars can be stored until the owner can get it. Please post what matters to you most:
1) Price
2) Speed
3) Safty (given)
Feel free to post any other concers you might have. I am shooting for at least 5 cars. The more cars the cheaper the price. I have a friend who is a truck driver. He has agreed to fly to LA rent a truck and drive the cars to ATL, and then do the opposite after NOPI. This is just one option. I will have some prices once I get a count of the cars. This is a good option to driving your car out. It will arive clean and ready, plus there is no chance of any damage on the way. I am sorry this took so long to get started (Miss C).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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