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I posted awhile ago about a slow leak in my coolent system. I put in a little stop leak and all was fine. Today I noticed my temp sensor shoot up, The leak I had got bigger and my resivror is totaly empty. There is coolent on my passenger tire, that whole area. Any idea what could leak a quart of coolent that fast. A hose or a water pump? Or what happens when your radiater goes bad? Thanks I appreciate any responces, I need to know whether to take it to a shop or a more economical choice like my brother. Jesse
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A couple possibilities.

1. The reservoir and adjoining hose (not so likely since you say it is on the tire) but a very easy check.

2. The oil cooler hoses which are just inboard of the passenger tire on the top of the cooler. If that is the case, most of the coolant would be on the inner surface of the tire so perhaps clarification of where on the tire you are observing coolant would help. After many years of service, they become quite brittle. The best way to see is to look up past the front side of the passenger CV - one is right there - a small 6 inch hose. The second you can see from the engine compartment - it is on the back side of the engine and runs from just under the exhaust valve cover to the oil cooler. When mine went bad, the water ran down the cv and tie rods and dripped down until it just started pouring down. If you just fill up the radiator, water will get to it and you can see it.

3. It could be the radiator but I would be skeptical, the coolant leaking from the radiator would most likely roll to the center of the splash guard and would be tough to end up on the tire.

4. Doubt it is the water pump as the water would more be running down the oil pan.

those are the only water sources I can think of on the passenger side.
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hmmm that sounds like a broken water pump i just got mine change because of that problem i also poured stop leakage but it didn't work. so i had my water pump changed and timing belt as well cost me $500.00:( good luck hope i'm wrong and you'll get it fix asap
My mechanic is stumped, can't find where it is leaking from. It is overheating too. I replaced fan controle module, temp sensor last year. Could it be head gasket. It has lots of power.
Boil-over, maybe? The relief hose right around where your passenger tire would be. It feeds off your resevoir, which might explain why it was empty???
It may be boil over but what could cause it to over heat? I've replace temp sensor, and fan control module.
jessealan said:
It may be boil over but what could cause it to over heat? I've replace temp sensor, and fan control module.
I get boil-ever without overheating. It usually happens when I use the A/C and don't shut it off when I shut off the engine.
We hooked airpressure up to the system and found no leaks in hoses. I am assuming this would cover the oil cooler hoses also. Is it possable that it could be a blown head gasket, and still appear to run good. The oil pan has no coolent on it, or any other part of the engine. I guess the question is should I assume the water pump is bad with no evidence, and change it out with the timing belt. It has only been 58 k for both.
It was the lower radiater hose.
Wow yer lower radiator hose got coolant all over yer passenger tire? That's kinda odd. Glad ya fixed it tho
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