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Legend Emblem

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I just bought the big LEGEND emblem for my 93 Sedan Does anyone know what the exact position of each letter should be or the easiest way to get these one properly? Thanks.
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did you just get seperete letters or is it on a strip (letters still seperate but they are a strip holding them together until to place on car)? also consider the placement... it does over the keyhole where on our legends is the "A" and i belive when you remove the "A" there will be two holes where the "A" used to be
The letters are seperate, isn't the Acura logo stuck with 2-sided tape?
i don't know... some members have said in the past that they are not just taped on... on mine i had removed the "Acura" and "legend" and they were just taped... but for "A" i have not removed mine but i like i said it might have two holes but it might not... if the letters are just seperate i would try and find another legend and look and measure how they are on theres... we have a bunch of memebers in the nyc area someone might be able to assist you in it more
if the letters are seperate you should have gotten a foam strip for placement purposes.
Someone please post the measurements. I need them as well.


the only thing in question is the height.

Khoerling nails the measurments in his post. combine that with 91LSMAN's measurement pics you should be able to place them on your trunk fairly accurately.
You guys rock thanks for the help!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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