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Legend Fact Book @ (DETAILED!)

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hey guys check this out. pretty sure it hasn't been posted before..

JDM Legend Fact Book

JDM Legend Alpha & Beta Touring Sedan/Coupe Fact Book

hopefully the translator links work for you guys. enjoy!
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aznman007 said:
Rangerjoe cracks me up, if anything i think he likes it when you make comebacks at him. yall gonna let him bother ya like that? durn if anythin he'd be fun to argue wit. and thank you for contributin shaar some new stuff i had no idea about wit the JDM's.
He does and he is. Phil's the grumpiest 20 something I've ever seen. Hope I'm still around when he's 40---he'll be shouting down rain barrels just so he'll have someone to argue with.

He's the next DaveC, I'm tellin' ya---
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