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Legend Fact Book @ (DETAILED!)

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hey guys check this out. pretty sure it hasn't been posted before..

JDM Legend Fact Book

JDM Legend Alpha & Beta Touring Sedan/Coupe Fact Book

hopefully the translator links work for you guys. enjoy!
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Bang&Olufsen DK said:
im surprised nobody noticed the fact that anytime you let off the throttle you get engine braking..

it's in the way the transmission is designed with the one way clutches and in the programming...

also above 1200rpm 1000rpm manual, the injector pulsewidth is reduced to about nothing to save fuel while decelerating, hence the transmission needing to keep the engine spinning and you get "decent control"

something like a Jake Brake on big diesels.
I second that.

The whole "decent control" thing sounds like a marketing ploy to me. Kinda like rating cars HP by the flywheel. Looks good on paper.

In some cars when in the OD position it will actually coast when the driver is off the accelerator in 3rd or 4th. Everything else it will engine brake. Just like you said, its all in the programming.
arnach said:
Yes, our cruise control feels like it is hitting the brakes, when it isn't. When I first got the car I kept checking behind me to see if the brake lamp was coming on going down steep hills.


That would look sweet with a carputer instead of that navi
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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