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Legend Fact Book @ (DETAILED!)

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hey guys check this out. pretty sure it hasn't been posted before..

JDM Legend Fact Book

JDM Legend Alpha & Beta Touring Sedan/Coupe Fact Book

hopefully the translator links work for you guys. enjoy!
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Yes, our cruise control feels like it is hitting the brakes, when it isn't. When I first got the car I kept checking behind me to see if the brake lamp was coming on going down steep hills.


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Shaar said:
i have the navigation coming next week. but i dont have the brain or the gps antenna because it would be pointless. no way in hell it would work in the US. i might set it up for dvd and cd info also. but i dont want another carputer.
Your dissatisfaction with the carputer most likely resulted from software issues. Now that you will be able to mount it up higher, I suggest you do some custom coding. Something that boots extremely fast like QNX and some decent programming could yield the results you want.
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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