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legend fuel pump assy.

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I have been looking for an Acura Legend Type 2 six speed fuel pump assy. for a while with no luck. If someone has one they would like to sell or could tell me where to get that would help me out a ton
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fuel pump

do you need the whole thing or just the pump cause you can get just the pump on ebay they have one from venon wich will work with your gs just for 99 dollars wich is very cheap other than that go to a local junk yard, i have a better idea call the dealer and ask them if their is a difference in the fuel pump cause i don't think their is between the gs and the regular model i have a gs i know it has more horse power but i know our fuel injection are the same all the way from 89 and honda accord ones are the same so big chance the ls model will fit
I have one off a 94 6 speed coupe. I'll take $45 shipped. I can ship this week if I get payment early. Let me know. thanks !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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