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Legend Hard Start, Almost Stalls

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So long story short, my Legend normally starts up just fine. However after driving her for an extended period of time I have found her to be hard to start. Turn the key and you hear the starter turning over but the engine not firing up. Its gotten a little worse with summer heat, so I am a little more careful and selective with where I go currently. I did a little research and on these forums "Main Fuel Relay" was an issue, and likely my problem I read from other threads. How do I deal with this issue?

Also... I drove her a bit today, got home and she sat about 30 minutes. Go outside to start her up, she has a hard time firing up so I gave her some gas. She eventually fired up but the idle went to and sat at 1500, normally when you put it in drive it lowers to the normal RPM level. This was the case, backed out and put it in drive and heard a strange almost rattling sound coming from under the car. Pushed on the gas and the RPM almost dropped to 0 for about 2-3 seconds before picking up and the power coming back. I tried this several times, and the harder I would push the gas the longer the delay. I have no idea if this is an injector issue or a fuel relay issue or what.

Also the past few days she has had a loss of power as well, the engine doesnt pull as hard as it normally does. Engine oil levels are fine, she burns it and leaks but thats not a big deal. Transmission fluid level is low as I just found out earlier, but ill be topping that off tomorrow.

Help D::horse:
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It sounds like you have two issue's, spark and fuel related.

I'd start by:

replacing or re-soldering the main relay.

start the car, remove one coil pack connector at a time.

If there is no difference in the way the engine is running then you found the non firing cylinder. It might not be a bad coil pack but the plug coated in oil causing the misfire.
Is there any DIY write up on how to do the coil packs and spark plugs?

I have a good idea on how to do this with the 3.2L but I would rather be safe than sorry.
Nevermind, I found a DIY for the Main Relay and I found a video on youtube on how to do the spark plugs with the Legend.
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