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For the last two month's my 1988 LS has been surprising me (actually my wife) by dying while driving down the road. No rough running, no backfires, it's running fine one second and then it's dead the next. Sometimes it will start back up and be just fine, other times it won't start and has to be towed. There are no codes coming out of the ECU and no check engine light. My friendly local Acura dealer changed the ingnition black box, and it ran fine for a month, but yesterday it died on the side of the road again. This time it was towed to my local non-factory Acura repair place, and they are scratching their heads wondering what's wrong. Anybody have any similar problems and if so, what was the fix? Thanks.

Bob Hughes
1988 LS
Dead as a doornail, with new leather interior enroute.:mad:
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