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Legend Kits On A Vigor?

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well im not too big into mechanical stuff, i can do mechanical stuff but im more into doin systems and body!

anyway....the 2and gen vigors and legends are like REALLLL similar....

so what do yall think about putting legend kits on a vigor? think itll match up good? or will it be a job of cutting and moulding?

(juss something i been thinkin about)
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ud be better off trying a kit from an older accord 91ish
yea eh? i did look that up seeing that vigs and accords are similat too, i also tried honda inspire kits but they are hard as hell to find seeing that they are in japan
I beleive accord is closer size to vigor then legend, custom work either way tho
yea i figured that too....cutting molding....NUFF work....i think tho im going to start a custom job on my vigor this summer n do up a kit..
Well good luck man i own both a Vig and legend and they look pritty different to me. So if you try to put a legend front bumper on a vig you will have to cut and mold for sure. Well it'd be tight to see though so if you do get it done post some pics yo
yea 4 shure i will, i hope ill have the loot to do it this summer tho :confused:
ive had all three cars, accord is pretty close to vigor. they use the same suspension, the bumpers have the same mounting style the headlights from the vigor will fit the accord with almost no cutting and so on...
whaaaaat!!?? thats dope! so i can put accord suspension, lights, and kits on with almost no problems eh? i was hoping that that would be the case!.....ill save a KILLING putting accord parts on the vig
i dont think you can put the accord lights on the vig ive never tried it. but ive seen people put the vig jdm lights on an accord 90-93. the suspension is 100% for sure and the bumpers have the same mounting points just need a lil modifiying. almost nothing from the legend will fit except for maybe small parts nothing important
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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