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Legend Novice need help from experts

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Hello all,

Recently purchased an 89 Legend a car I am not familiar with at all.

Car was running fine and does run fine except if you go on a long trip, turn it off and try and restart it it will start but will stall, sometimes it waits till you put it in gear other times you can rev it and it'll die when the idle comes back down. Let it sit for awhile(cool down) and its fine again.

When you click the key to the second postion should all your warning lights come on to show you they work? Ever car I have ever owned does but this one does not.

Also the vacuum line running from the thermovalve, where should it go? The manual online has 2 vacuum lines, mine has just one and it is unplugged on the other end, and from what I can tell everwhere else the vac line #5 should be it seems to be.

Figured even though the engine light wasn't coming on that I would check the ECU anyway and its throwing code 4, Crank sensor which fits in with my problem and what I will look at on the weekend.

TCU throws no codes also from what I read about the main relay that doesn't seem to be the likely problem.

As I said I have no idea about these cars, is there anything else I should check?

Thanks in advance
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Here is a vacuum diagram showing hose# 5 going from the thermovalve to the charcoal canister (from page 124 - repair shop manual).

Factory shop manual was published by Honda Motor Co LTD and is the same manual that was used by Acura dealers' techs.

Here is the weblink to free download - see post#1:

Jim lombardi
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Hi mate, yeah that's the same picture that I have but my thermovalve only has the one outlet I'm pretty sure and my charcoal canister already has a vac line #5 on it.

Did 89 legends have an EGR on the distributor I had a look in the dark and didn't see it, will take another look after work.
Also my vac line #11 is capped off it doesn't even run anywhere
OK so I went through the manual including the end where it has reference to other models, it shows my distributor without the EGR but doesn't show any info on the vac lines.

All my warning lights dont work, fuse is good, thinking that all of the warning light globes cant be blown surely?

To reset the ECU on these you just need to disconnect the power for 10 sec? I think I read it somewhere I just cant find it again.
The 1989 and 1990 Acura Legend have the same EGR valve and it is not attached to the distributor, but it is located below the distributor.

And the vacuum line #11 has a rubber hose connected to the EGR valve. I just inspected it in the 1990 Legend.

Here is how to reset the ECU:

Jim Lombardi
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Thanks mate,

Have reset the ecu and will see if any codes come up after a long drive.

Could you have another look for me at vac hose #11 and see where else it goes as there isn't even one on this car and where the #5 goes from the thermovalve as the charcoal canister etc already have vac line #5 and the one of my thermovalve is not attached to anything.

Really appreciate all your help.
Sounds like who ever used to owned it must have snapped the plastic line from the thermovalve. The thermovalve has 2 lines, one going to the charcoal canister and the other line goes to the metal tube thats combine with the rest of the vacuum line:

The one that has a blue line, thats #11. It goes from the EGR to the metal tube.

I highlighted it in red if you can see it:
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Thanks heaps mate I'll have a look tomorrow, I have the tube there but nothing comes off it in either direction, where does it go on the other end?
Here is the Diagram showing the vacuum lines inside the Control Box:

Vacuum lines 5 and 11 go to EGR Control Solenoid Valve inside the Control Box.
Vacuum line 5 first goes to Constant Vacuum Control Valve, then to the Air Chamber and finnally to the EGR Control Solenoid Valve.

Thank you L4ZY415 for the color lines assist. It does help make viewing the vacuum lines.
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No prob :bigok:.
Haven't had a chance to look at the car in awhile but will this weekend.

How much are Crank Position Sensors in the US?

Only place I have found them so far is through Honda over here and its $300
Rock Auto Parts RockAuto Auto Parts usually has the lowest prices on these kinds of parts.

Here is a screen print of the crankshaft position sensors for sale on Rock Auto Parts website for your 1989 Acura Legend:

Also on Ebay:

Jim Lombardi
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