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Today at work, we when out for lunch, we wanted to get into one car because it's hard to find parking in down town during lunch time. Including myself there are 5 persons.

Myself I weight 182lbs---- driving 91 Legend LS
My best friend 153lbs---- driving a 94 honda accord auto
My other friend around 300 lbs----- driving a ford pick up
My ohter friend around 330-400lbs--- driving a 96 2 drs honda accord. manual
My other friend weight around 200lbs--- driving a ford king cab pickup.

Let me make long story short, other cars can't handle 5 person in the car due to lack of space... the honda can't handle us because we are too heavy. It crank up engine noise. They all felt in love with my Legend because of my smooth engine sound. Now they all want Acura.... two of them want to sell their stocks to buy TL, one want to buy RL..... As for me I love my Legend, cheap, worth the money ( more bang for the bucks).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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