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:p Hey Legend Guys and gals, just wanted to say hi from Spain.
had a great time in Bear Mt with all the East Coast Legend owners. Cannot say enough about all of the Legends that were there... simply "off da hook".
This morning I just recieved an email from a close Friend and he has my taking care of my Legend, and it turns out he was thanking me for letting him use the Car while I was in Europe, it turns out that his pregnant wife decided to labor before the date and my friend found himself putting his wife in my car to get her to the hospital. A while later my friend is a new Father.
I just got to find out were the baby was born, in the Hospital or in my Legend!! Time to get new leather!! He!! he!!!
Just thought I should share the story.
1991 Legend sedan
Damn these little European Diesels are slow compared to my Legend!!!!

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Oh no, all our your seat? That just so sad, and yet so joyful for your friend. Was there blood involved? I had a friend who has intestinal cancer which is pretty much terminal, but he had an accident in the back seat, and i'm just thankful i didn't have cloth seats.
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