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legend with ac issues please help

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I bought a 1995 Acura legend L... first there is a separate switch that was added to turn on and off ac compressor. Now when you turn the dash controls on the blower motor doesn't turn on whatever you do.. today I had my mechanic tested it today providing it a ground and it would turn on but it was drawing to much power so it kept blowing the fuse on the test light... does this mean the blower is bad? does the dash controller provide the ground? Im lost and so is he.. I don't know if I need the control head or a new blower motor... and remember someone has ran a separate wire and switch to turn the compressor on and off its not done thru the control head... PLEASE HELP IM IN FLORIDA AND ITS HOT!!!!
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Ouch... I would grab a brand new blower, and hit up a yard / ebay and get a new ac controller - yours is likely blown.

Once you get these new parts, check the stock wiring with a DMM - you probably need one of those too. You can probably do this yourself - look in to replacing the blower, if you don't think you and a buddy can figure it out, just have mechanic do it.

We are here to help if you decide to DIY
I'll try that first. I found it all. Any recommendation on the blower motor brand. I found them to be about 60 shipped. Pretty reasonable I think
Thank you for your help. Will let you know once accomplished
Yeah that price is about right, just make sure it lists the OE part number.
That was not a fun install though, but beats engine work. Be careful popping out the panels. The little one that is all curvy is easy to break the clips on.
There is some good info in the online manual, it may not be exact as the year may be different. The link is here: Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Page: 0842) There should not be a separate switch for the A/C, so you have some work cut out to figure out why the previous owner bypassed the safety of the stock functionality. GL
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