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ya so im cruise up and down barrett parkway talkin to Kevon on the phone. he was askin me if i was goin home. and i told him ya i was sittin at the light wit my friend in his Lexus gs300 next to me he goes "get off your phone of im gonna spank you in the gs" ive driven that car before not to fast. i just put on my CAI about an hour earlier and i knew i was do good. the light turns green and i was still lookin at my friend and he take off and im like ohh shiet so i take off. he beats me off the line because he has more torque. we get to about 40 and once the rpms reach about 3500 i started to walk him. i slowly gained on him to about 80 i was 1 1/2 car lengths then to 115 it was all over had him by a good 5 car lengths at least. had to swerve and miss a riced out mustang though but he didnt want any. he is just another v6 biotch. ya well that was it though beat the gs300 be about 5 car length it was 0-120 almost. i was impressed i thought the gs would give me a good run but not so good. i dont know about the wieght difference but im sure mine is about the same with him. i have a 200-300 lb system in the back and rims that way 40+ . and im fairly stock just a CAI. well just thought i would share this wit yall peace
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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