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I have a red 1990 LS Coupe with 140k miles. I love it and plan to drive it forever; except for the stereo it is bone stock and will remain so.

How many of you out there (or maybe your parents) bought a new G1 Legend? I ask because I would like to make mine "Like New."

I want to figure out what I can do for my car to make it a time machine back to 1990. The engine, body, and interior have no issues. I live in Florida (no rust) and the car is very well maintained.

Which of the following should I replace (I am not a DIYer, so my mechanic will love me), and which would I be wise to leave alone?

Motor Mounts
Transmission Mounts
Lower Ball Joints
Tires (it's time; I'm thinking Yokohama AVS dB)


Has anyone done a thorough replacement of mounts or bushings, and were you happy with the result?

I am most grateful for your thoughts and suggestions.
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