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lisense plate frame yee of nee

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anyone have this on there car if so could you post some pics , if not do you guys think? would look good or should i leave perfection alone??
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I bought that samething on ebay. It sux. I thought It was etched in the metal. The frame is metal but the legend and acura a are stickers on it. DOn't waste you money on it.
They will rust!
I have a solid gold one in front, and solid gold in back with the words "ACURA" sticking out also in gold.

They look quite well, but that's cuz I have Gold trim. No signs of rust or any fading, then again I do live in South Cali...
$7.95 to ship a plate frame? That's outrageous!
If its stickers....

it sucks

I have a chrome one that says Acura. Looks really good, no rust. Just some polish....
i have one, it looks good to me
I have one, it looks like the one you posted. I love it, looks very classy and shines like hell. No rust. looks awesome w/ my chrome exhaust and rims

I bought one from E-bay Chrome also. The chrome is kinda cheap but it does look nice ?no rust had it for 1year now. But check this out the words ACURA on mine light up indiglo blue at night. and it looks F-ing HOT. $20.00
where did get it?

I said I got it on E-bay. Problem is I never see them for sale on there anymore. Perhaps try a search under indiglo license plate. The seller had all kinds of these plates , acura, audi, toyota, chevy, exc..... It has the symbol of the car before the letters ACURA and both light up.
the one from procarparts sucks. it looks real nice at first, but then it just gets corroded by rust. also, they are stickers. when you clean the frame the stickers get effed up. stick with the expensive ones that are heavy-duty and rust free. and engraved.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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