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Locked my keys in the car!

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So I was went in my car to grab my skateboard and then I realized I locked the keys in the car, The cars battery is completely dead and no way to pop the hood. The locks are the type you would pull up, I have no set of spare keys or anything. I have a 1994 Acura Legend how can I get in?
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call a lock smith ,or >>pull the window.( thats how you do most hondas).but if you do this it will dent up the chrome trim you have on the top of the window.....and be carefull when you pull it back into place because you could shatter the window
You can obtain a replacement key from Acura (or Honda) if you present
with a title/registration and Id (driver's license?) They can cut a key from the VIN.
the cost is usually under $5.00. Call the parts section and ask what proof
of ownership and ID, cost, etc. Any other method is likely to cause regret,
because of bent, broken, damaged trim, glass or door.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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