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Long-lost posts from the ol' board!

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At the old Legend forum, there were a couple unrelated posts with some cool info about design modifications that was displayed about six+ months ago.

One regarded 6spds and the shift knob itself. Cant remember who posted this but he said he got himself a shift knob from a new model Nissan Maxima 6spd that fit his Legend. I called Nissan on that one and they basically told me there are about fifty different knobs of all different prices, ranging from $40 to $165. Anybody have any leads on this kind of info because some of those knobs are beautiful with the real woodgrain finish and colored numbering and all.

The second was a series of posts from a member who cleared out the AMBER from his coupe's TAILIGHTS, basically making it look like a '99 M3 or something. This person has his own website, listing his various mods (he owned a white coupe, lowered with multi-spoke wheels) with pictures and details on how he done did what he did.

I hope you guys are on this forum now because I decided I dont want to sell my coupe now and I am interested in doing these clean-looking, SIMPLE, yet MAJOR mods!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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