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Just got a 1992 Legend sedan "barn find". Bought from a neighbors widow. Car sitting for 3+ years

All up and running except AC. Fully charged. Copmpressor runs and cools when hot wired. Relays all good. I am looking for the circuit to trace the signal sent to AC relay from the dash unit. Lights on dash unit are all on. Blower fan works an multiple speeds. Temp changes when turning knob. Vent zones all funcion with lights and buttons.

Some where the relay is not getting a signal to send power to compressor.

Any suggestions?

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Hey Atltee, I here you are having trouble with no a/c clutch engagement when you are using the auto-climate control unit! 馃槖
Electrical problems are some of the hardest to track down, but the second generation (G2) Legend's are very reliable and it might be a blown fuse!
I have a 1992 Legend LS Sedan with just 60,003 original miles on it.
I do have a set of manuals (Service and Electrical Troubleshooting) for the 1992.
I have took some pictures of the pages in the manuals in regards to your complaint about no signal to a/c compressor relay.
I am attaching 13 pages, the first 8 pages came out of the Service Manual and the other 5 pages are out of the Electrical Troubleshooting manual.
If you for some reason you are not able to read the pages I took with my camera, please feel free to contact me and I will retake the pages or if you need me to give you more pages for either the service manual or the troubleshooting book.
I hope this helps you get it working.

These 8 attached photos are from the Factory Service Manual:
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Font Material property Parallel Rectangle Book only allows 10 attachments per post, so I will post another reply with the 5 photos of the Factory Electrical Troubleshooting Manual pages!
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