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Looking for good 2-Din Head Unit !

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Anyone have a good suggestion for a fairly cheap head unit? I'm looking for something silver in color (to match brushed aluminum interior)... Preferably with input for MP3 or with MP3 playback support.


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if you're looking for mp3 i think the aiwa double din would be good, im not exactly sure if it plays mp3s but i know it has a front jack for an mp3 player... i guess you could check it out
i have a JVC 2 din unit, and it's great, the cd player reads over scratches that all my high-end home audio stuff doesn't... puts out decent power, even though i've got mine hooked to an amp... those are a couple for you to check out. alpine makes a nice one but it'll run you about 600-700 bucks i think... depends on how much you wanna spend
Check out my post for my Panasonic 2-Din... I think you may be interested
After much seeking...

I have kinda narrowed my search down to several decks:

* JVC KW-XC777 (2 DIN Silver Face, MP3 input on front)
* Kenwood DPX-440 (2 DIN, ok looks but cheaper)

* DREAM MACHINE:::::: Kenwood DPX-8020MD
(Not available in US, big bucks and badass)

Anyone know where I can get a DPX-8020 for cheap? Lol... :D


Sorry bro you want WAYYYY too much for a 2 year old deck... They are fairly nice with the 3 outs and stuff, but I can get a whole in car DVD theatre setup new for a grand! :p Gotta love the internet.

Thanks for any/all input guys,

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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