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Looking for Legend mechanic in CT/NYC area

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Hey all,

I am new to the forums. Although I have read through here for a quite a while now. I recently moved to CT and purchased a 92 Legend (Coupe) about 5 months ago. I am looking for a good mechanic, because I suspect I might have a BHG. I would like to see if there is anyone who knows how to work on legends. I am interested in either fixing the HG or a 3.5 swap.

I found some places in NYC that would be willing to do a swap for me. But I've never had them do work for me, and I would have to acquire my own engine (which I dont mind doing). I am just relatively new to the area.

If anyone can recommend me to someone that would be super helpful! I love my Legend. (It's my favorite car of all time, this is my 2nd one).

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Welcome to the forum. What makes you think you have a SHG or BHG? You can go to your local shop and have a block test to confirm, or pull the dipstick and see if the oil is milky. Although I do a lot of my own work, there is one person I TRUST if I have any issues. I can pass that information on, but hopefully you don't need him.
Thanks for the reply!

I must note. I am not a mechanic by any means, I just have some experience with working on cars most of my life. Due to just buying cars with issues and having to fix things out of nessesity. So I have a good understanding about cars. But I am far from being an expert.

I have not gotten it tested yet. But I've been doing a lot of research online and here in the forums. I purchased the car last fall and the symptoms came up about 2 weeks of me owning it. I have another daily driver. (Was hoping to have my legend as my daily).

The first week or so I've just driving locally, 2-5 miles between each stop. So I've never had an issue. Then one weekend, I decided to take it into Manhattan (about 1.5 hrs of driving) I noticed my temp gauge dropped to nothing (cold end) at some points on the interstate. So I immediately thought I had a thermostat that stuck open. I parked the car for the rest of that weekend and decided to change out the thermostat the next weekend.

Changed out the thermostat (ran air out of the coolant). And went for a quick test drive. Within 10-15 mins of driving the temp guage begins to spike past normal operating range. So I pull over to let it cool down aND brought it back home. Checked my coolant reservoir and it had pushed some coolant from the radiator. I thought to myself (maybe I didn't do it right) so I flushed out the coolant agian, and refilled with new coolant and burped the air out agian. Check around the thermostat housing for any leaks. Hoses looked good. Checked my oil and it did NOT look milky. So I assumed I messed up somewhere. After burping the air out agian. I went to drive it and same thing. It overheats.

Winter hits (car is pared outside, i have no garage). So I leave the car alone. One weekend it warms up a little and I change out the thermostat for a "Honda" one. I used to work at a part store and have sold many off brand thermostats in the past with no issue. So I figured. I would be fine. Installed the Honda thermo and re flushed everything agian. This time I did notice something I didn't before. The coolant that came out is not clear. It was great but opaque. Not clear at all. This is where I started thinking that maybe oil is mixing with my coolant.

After the Honda thermo install. Drove it in town and everything seemed fine. Temp was normal operating temp. I continued to drive it for about an hour and the temp guage starts to creep up. So I take it back home and park it. Checked the reservoir and it had pushed coolant into it also causing coolant to spill out of the reservoir cap. Bottom radiator hose was not hot. (Which it was during air bleeding).

I did some more research and came to a post from SR5GUY about SHG/BHG. And everything seem to make sense to me. And I felt my car had similar or the same symptoms.

As a bandaid fix. The last thing I did to it, was removed the Honda thermostat and I installed in a thermostat with the components removed. Essentially an thermostat stuck open. I can drive it for about 30mins - 1 hour before the temp starts to move up and the coolant gets pushed into he reservoir. So the car is sitting now and I'm driving my truck atm.

I am not opposed to getting a professional opinion on it. But I'd like to take to someone I trust and somewhere that's not too far away bc I feel like it won't make it there and back. Any suggestions are welcome. I tried to explain as much I can about what I did. But I'm sure I missed some things. I want to get the legend back on the road! This car is too awesome to just sit there.
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Based on everything that you just explained, it sounds like a SHG/BHG. There are several options and you have to weigh which is best for you. You can repair or replace, if you are mechanically inclined. You can pull the heads off and change the gaskets at a fraction of the cost, or you can do a swap. Even though I only have 11,000 miles on a RL SWAP, I just did my gaskets (Felpro $30 for both and heads rebuilt for $250). I will cost you some patience and a little bit of money, compared to a swap. If you still feel the need to swap it out, let me know and I can recommend a place in Mt. Vernon.
Thank you for the response. I am not opposed to changing out the gasket and getting the heads done. Where could I get the heads done at? And approx how long will it take overall. Like I mentioned before I have some work on cars before but never a head gasket. (I've done Brakes, Calipers, Brake booster, CV axel, plugs, wires, harmonic balancer, alternator, fuel pumps/lines, some electrical work- on a number different of cars) I have not done anything that I would consider major. I can definitely follow instructions on how to change it myself and I know that there are is a lot of good info out there on how to change it myself.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have also been told that I should get the timing belt/water pump changed out if I am going to do a head gasket. And to clean out the EGR system which could be the the cause of my issue.

I am open to suggestions on which route to go.

Eventually I would like to get a 3.5 swap in. I am also not opposed to paying someone to do fix the SHG/BHG as well.

Note* I do not have access to a garage. My car is parked at my apt outside. It is relatively safe area so I could do it over the weekend. But I would like to get it finished in a weekend.

Looking forward to your response.
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If you PM me, I can give you my contact info and we can talk.
PM Sent. I believe I did it right. Let me know if you got it/ or didn't
Go to your inbox and check the message I sent. Look at the top of the page by your username and click on "Private messages".
Can somebody point me in the right direction as well? i have a smokey (white smoke) exhaust coming from my 94 legend coupe. i want to do a 3.5 swap but i need someone who's has experience with Acura legend.
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