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Looking for OEM fog lights

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Hello All,
I have a 1994 LS Coupe, and I am looking for a set of OEM fog lights, wiring harness, and fog light switch. I have noticed that some fog lights are different during the various years of the coupes (i.e. some are square, 1991-93, and some are round 1994-95). Anyway, I need the ones for the 1994-95 model year. One question, I have the TCS button in my car right now with a dummy switch next to it, and I was wondering if the fog light switch button snaps into place next to the TCS button, or do you need to get the entire TCS/fog light combo switch? I am new to the acura legend and I am trying to make my car run and look as good as possible. Thanks for any help in finding these parts. You can email me at [email protected] if you have any leads to these parts.
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Good luck finding some OEM fogs. They are quite rare. Try some PIAA fogs, like 91LSMAN did in this thread:
I *might* be able to get you a set of the 94-95 fogs. I've sold several sets to members here in the past. I'm not sure if any more are available, I'd have to look into it. You'd probably be looking at close to $400 with shipping etc. The OEM foglight switch includes an integrated TCS switch for TCS equipped models. You might want to try the aftermarket fogs if you want the oem look without the associated cost.
Thanks for your replies guys, Kenso if you could find out about the fogs I would appreciate it. I know that as these cars get older, it will be harder and harder to find OEM equipment for them so that is why I am searching for stuff now. I just got the car about 2 weeks ago and I found this site as I was surfing the internet. Man! this site is so helpful.
I was able to get a set of these in my hands, I've got a couple more coming. If you want to pick these up, just send me a pm. Thanks.
Ken, where in the hell are you finding these? OEM fogs were like the Dead Sea Scrolls until you hit the mother lode. Give it up---
It's weird, Honda sells out of them here in the US, then every now and then they'll send over a shipment to the US warehouses from Japan, like 10-20 sets at a time. Split up between all the various distribution centers here. Basically it seems that Honda of Japan is sitting on a stockpile of these and they are more than happy to send the excess kits here when needed (at least for the coupes).
93LegendSedan said:
Any for 93's or just 94-95, I'm interested if you get some for 1993.
Just the later models, the 91-93 style is long gone unfortunately, sorry. I do have one ultra rare kit for the G1's however.
Kenso said:
Just the later models, the 91-93 style is long gone unfortunately, sorry. I do have one ultra rare kit for the G1's however.
Do you have any pics of the G1's? I have seen some G1 fog lights installed but they don't look OEM cause they stick out of the housing.
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