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Looking for some new tires

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I currently have Pirelli 7000 Supersports and it's time for a change. It's not that the tires themselves are bad but I just haven't had the best of luck with them. I bought them initially serveral years ago and I've gone through seven of them for one reason or another(I didn't have to pay for the extras though) and now it looks like I'll probally need another two.

I like the Toyo T1 S... the thread looks so damn sweet!

Anyway which tires you guys and gals like?
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Kumho has impressed me

I had Pirelli SP P7000's on my old legend for about 5k miles...and wasnt a big fan...

They didnt seem to perform well in wet weather...or at least as well as I had hoped. I did like the tread however.

I just got a new set of aftermarket rims and wrapped them in Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's. So far, I love them. The price was right (only paid about $110/tire) and the ratings on tire rack promote them. It has been raining in Nor Cal the last few days, and they have proved themselves. I am sold.
The Kumho's have had great dry weather traction so far as well. I didn't go for the Nitto's because I have heard that they had below-par wet-weather performance. You can check out the stats on tirerrack to see how they compair.
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