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Hey Guys, I am looking to buy a RL 1999 Premium. I now own a 93LS Legend Sedan. I may or may not sell that, but have really been thinking about getting a RL. I love the way that it looks. Now, I have heard and read that the RL is nothing like the Legend, which is fine, but what upgrades can be done to the engine of the RL if any. Have there been any Intakes made for the RL?

What upgrade can I do for the Stereo on this car, is it easy to upgrade the head unit? Is the head unit double din?

For those who have owned Legends, which I am sure it is all of you, what is the real difference?

How much larger is the RL on the inside compared to the Legend?

And my final question, is the 99 RL the same body as the 2000/1/2?

Thanks guys.....
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