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it happened to me too

DO you have any smell of coolent? I had a hair line crack that left the cooling system slightly under pressured at idle, so the sensor did not relaease the heat. All cooling systems requre a minimum presure to "turn" the heat on. Low coolent is another culprate, but a small hole in the any part of the cooling system is totally possible if coolent levels are fine. You can buy an additive to trace the leak if there is one it turns the steam a bright color. The good new is if there is a radiator leak it is not too bad. I paid abot 150 CDN and I changed it out in 3 hours with no rush. I was easy, it come out of the top after you disconnect everything.

I had a jetts that had a leak and as soon as the leak cause the pressure to reduce it was blowing cold at idle, then a top up, and heat was back, eventually I had to fix the leak, they always get worse.

good luck
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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