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loud screeching noise

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hey guys...
well i let my brother drive my 92 legend ls ever since he wrecked his car a couple weeks back. Well after he drove it for awhile i hear this extremely loud screeching from the rear tires. i have no idea what it is... any ideas? there is a high pitch screech everytime i apply the breaks. and help would be appreciated.
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definately brake pads.......They are shot. So give your bro some mercy.:D
:D guess i was looking to blame him for something big
assmaster said:
:D guess i was looking to blame him for something big
Yeah......ask him why does the car shift hander in second now:D
well since im changing the pads, i think it is time to upgrade to new rotors.... and suggestions on pad/rotor combination and prices and where exactly i can find them? is there anything else i might need to purchase?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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