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my dad bought his legend last year, and he's getting on in years (creapin up on 70) and he finds it hard to get in and out of cars, so he's selling if for a truck :S!

here's the details!
-professionally installed 3.2 Litre out of a 1996 TL (invoice available)
-redone brakes
-charged ac
-knock sensors replaced
-new battery

motor's has 42xxx km's on it! that's roughly 20 000 miles! awsome deal!

looking to get around 10 000 canadian for it, which is somewhere around
8 900 american. paint is going to be touched up before he sells it too. previous owner didn't have any kids or anything like that, the interior's immaculate! amazing car i must say! if i had the fund's i would buy it off him! i'm open to offers/calls for details!

Langley B.C. (near vancouver) Canada
[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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