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Lower Ball joint Job help

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Hey fellas I have a 93 Acura Legend with 180,000 miles, I plan to change my lower ball jhoint in the morning I was wondering if anyone has done this repair before and if the were infact pressed in because that mean I will have to find a machine shop open on a Saturday here in Maryland that may be difficult and also I was wandering how long and how difficult it was any info will be greatly appreciated asap thanks fellas.:)
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yes they are pressed in.
It's not to hard.

Take off the wheel, remove the steering hub-both cotter pins, remove cv joint-I beleive 36 maybe 38mm socket, take steering hub and new lower ball joint to any mechanic- they will have the press tool. easy as that.
no problem. Hey I forgot to mention it's very important to make sure you put that little dent back in the cv joint nut. The one that pushes in that holds it on and that you make sure you put cotter pins back on. THey a dime a dozen. Congrats. You're now a full fledge Mechanic.:D j/k.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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