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LS and GS and guided and enhansed

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(after 3 years of being here) would someone list for me what the GS has that the LS doesn't ?

Any whats the difference between the "guided mode" and the "enhansed mode" ?
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in guided mode when you press any of the bottons above the text box it will promt you input... in enhanced mode it will just put in an open tag into the text box... also in guided mode it automaticly closes all open tags if any... yes this is a non-legend question that would have a faster answer in other parts of the forum but if you just played around with the box you should notice the difference since its obvious due the fact that in guided mode a box pops up when you press any botton above the text box and try it and see for your self... :)
Stu said:
thanks ... but it doesn't work that way for me .... no big deal.
so in guided mode when you press any of the buttons nothing happens?? your pop up blocker might not let the windows pop up in guided mode... sorry i wasn't trying to sound like a prick earlier...
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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