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Maitenance Light

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Hi, I have a '91 LS with abouut 100k miles on it. The maitenance light changed from green to yellow to red/orange. What do the colors mean? How can I fix that light?
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This just changes to let you know that your car is past due on it's oil change, the most I've let mine go was to yellow, I'd be scared to let it get to the red! There is a small narrow hole on the dash behind your light switch, insert your key into that hole and it will change back to green...but, make sure you get your car serviced!!!
Every 7,500 miles the Maintenance Indicator will change from Green to Red. The required Preventative Maintenance/Scheduled Service is dependent upon the mileage of the vehicle. It indicates more than just an oil change. For more information, please buy a HELM Service Manual (

The timing belt, water pump, and tensioner should have been replaced at 90,000 miles.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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