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That is why I try to do whatever I can myself on any car I own, but I understand if you need to bring it in. There are some diagrams on the online service manual. Look under the manual trans section and I believe page 3 shows the drain plug for that. It is located well underneath the car by the shift linkage and the drain plug is facing downward. The differential oil drain plug is on the passenger side near the driveshaft. Look under differential in the service manula and page 4 for that diagram. The fill plug is just above it.
If you feel they put the trans oil in the differential, I would say you would have to drain the differential and then add some new 80W/90 fluid thru and let it just drain right out to sort of flush out the other oil. Then refill it with new diff fluid. You would probably be ok after that- of course I am not sure what damage that may have done or how far you drove it with that 10W40 oil in it which is way too thin. If it were me, I would then drive the car a bit and drain and fill again to make sure.
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