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July '08 update... wheels.

18" wheels 18x7.5 +53 offset.

28% tint - Solar Guard.

JDM one piece headlights waiting to be installed... but undecided whether to retrofit projectors or not.

My debadged 'bare' butt. And of course, STROMUNG... FTW.

Adam's Buttery Wax shine.

Updated... Interior:

Mod list:
  • Stromung exhaust
  • Weapon R Secret intake
  • WitchHunter injectors service
  • Koni Sport Kit
  • Black-end Engine Damper
  • MLS copy strut bar
  • Sport Technique 18x7.5 +53 offset 19.5lbs
  • Solar Guard 28% tint all around
  • Alpine 9884 head unit, Focal 6.5 & 6x9, Sony XM-4S amp
  • Viper Sidewinder alarm
  • Body & Paint maintenance by Carl's Custom Colors, Fullerton, CA
  • HID 6000K
  • FL Tie Bars (to be installed)
  • JDM grill (to be installed)
  • Addco Front & Rear Sway bars (to be installed)
  • JDM one-piece headlight (to be installed)
  • JDM 6 speed shift knob (to be installed)
  • Wheelskins leather shift boot (to be installed)
  • RJ short shifter (waiting)
  • ... others...

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absolutely beautiful, exterior is perfect! how's the interior and what's your mileage?


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Updated with interior pics... didn't get a chance to clean it but a quick wipe down. Not too bad for 148K miles.

Mmmm...buttery!!! Nice coupe dude! What does the JDM 6sp knob look like? Interior pics please!!
Here's the shift knob... waiting for the short shifter.

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Thanks!! The car has been in the family since new. My brother owned it for all these years, garaged day in and day out. After it was replaced by a new Lexus, he sold it to me for song, practically so to speak. That was about 6 months ago. Although in excellent shape, it had a few dings and dents... pretty usual for the age. Carl's Custom Color & Body repaired it to the shape it's in today.

Interior wise, the front seats were always covered by Acura OEM sheepskins. Not only the seats were preserved, more impressively are the condition of the skins (not pictured). They look and feel like new.

Speaking of the rims. To outfit wheels on this baby was a challenge... as most of us know. Not too many manufacturers make high offsets anymore. In fact, originally I had 5-Zigens +43 offset mounted and it sat right against the fender line, maybe a few mm inside. I didn't cared for that visual/stance so the best the shop could find with 48 to 50 offset was quite limited. In a pinch, I went with the those from the catalog.

You know... wheels are like lipsticks, different color & shape for different folks. Sure I'd love to mount a set of VOLKS; but to spend more on wheels than what I paid for the car (or value of the car) is out of the question. IMO, to do so is like... putting lipstick on a PIG. I'm not implying the Legends are pigs, but you get my drift. :mhihi: Having said that, I'm always keeping an eye out for another set of wheels... with the right fit of course.
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