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mesh grill help!

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ok i been trying to fit this **** thing on and it just doesnt seem to work, any tips on how to fit it? i have all these freaking cuts on my hand and its just annoying!!!!
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since koji's tutorial may leave a lil room for explanation, i'll tell you how i made mine. I've made so many now that it takes me about 5-10 minutes for the whole process. Once you take the grille off the car, remove the chrome frame around the grille, and place the mesh on top of the grille. Trace around the central portion of the grille with a marker, then use this outline as a guide to cut out the mesh. Basically i cut it a lil bigger than needed so i can fold all the excess mesh inward to hold it in place. Hope that helps :)
On my GS grill, it was a b!tch to get it to fit. I had to get a friend with a power saw and cut out the entire middle portion where the old Acura symbol was to get the mesh to fit down properly, otherwise I couldn't get my outer frame to go down all the way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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