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No one try to do what I did!! I pulled the switch apart to see if I could fix a problem I'd been having...the window would roll down by itself and then wouldn't go back up for a few minutes!! Here are some pics of what the problem is...
This little piece of thing is made to glide on the mother board of the main switch (pictured here)
Only problem with this is that now that I've messed with it the window will not do anything unless I manually contact the corresponding pieces on the mother board!! So now I'm going to be without a drivers door window!! It sux really bad because now I can't go to the Bank or Mc. Donalds or something without getting off the car!! No more drive threws...:( But anyway I'm thinking about telling the insurance company of the guy who hit me, that my window stopped working after the impact...I still haven't gotten my car checked by the adjuster!! The accident happend on Monday!! Anyway...I'll take the money and buy a new switch! That means I'll get auto down again!! So no one try to tackle this on your own...I've been working on it for two days now!!:mad:
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