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a foriegn motorcycle company has moved
some of their merchandise here to Atlanta, as well as to TWO
exotic locations.
They need THREE TYPES of female models to pose with their
motorcycles. These three types are:

African American
European American
And someone from any other ethnic decent (Hispanic,
Vietnamese, etc)

This shoot will take place the weekend of June 7th, 2002
All perspective models are asked to come to an audition or mail
in their comp cards to

Bey Creative Images
680 Murphy ave Unit C 32
Atlanta, GA 30310

Audition time and day is Wednesday, June 5th 2002 from 7pm
until 9pm. All comp cards MUST be in on that day for

For MORE information, please contact:

T.X.T. Jahannes c/o IMAGE MATTERS
[email protected]
(404) 758-1826

Tell them that Leon from Legendary Legendz sent you.

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Thanks guys!!! I would love to, but my schedule won't let me squeeze in a flight to ATL this weekend. :(

I'll make the next one. I gotta hurry up and get my tattoo finished. :)

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tnelson said:

or maybe you should try out dave. that would be hilarious, dave in a bikini.
just kiddin

Umm, like, no. LOL
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