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Wondering where to get the best prices on upgrades, and what all you owners reccomend. I have an '89 L sedan.

-I would also like to say that I raced an ss camaro for a couple seconds today (had to slow down to get onto the highway on ramp, a sharp left) and managed to pull slightly ahead (in second gear, yes). You think the camaro owner was actually trying?

-Awhile, raced a Jeep Cherokee V8, would have won, but just got the car, messed up when I started, and couldn't shift into third. Lost by a nose, I was pissed though.

-Any advice for fighting a $165 speeding ticket in court (actually, I wasn't racing at the time)
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As far as speeding ticket- as for all the licenses and registration for the radar gun, the operator, the tuning device that is was calibrated with. If they dont have this info on file you get off. Also, if that doesnt work as if you can take defensive driving in lue of the ticket. Dress nice when you go to court. Be curtious. Look like the nice guy. Most judges dont like cops anyways.

As far as mods, if you are looking for power, I would say save your money- or do a tune up. New spark plug wires, synthetic oil, new cap and rotor, NGK spark plugs. You should be able to restore more power that way then paying $300 for a cold air intake and $500 for exhaust.
If you are looking for looks: tint, stereo, subs, rims... etc. Just shop around.
I agree about tuning the car back up before doing any kind of performance mods, you'd be surprised what could be hidden in your stock motor. I currently use Castrol's Syntec motor oil every 3k. Also, you might want to try some fuel system cleaner and intake-manifold cleaner.

I just got some new wires and plugs (yet to be installed): the BWD Nascar performance wires and the NGK Platnium VX plugs. Heard anything good/bad about this stuff? (anyone)
alright. What kind of oil would be best to use, and do those liquids that you pour into your gas tank to clean up the gas fogger actutually work? How else can I clean up my engine and make it perform up to what its rated at?
No, the SS wasn't trying. They are 13 second cars. Legends are upper 15's at best.
leg Hi

Where can I get the Wires "BWD Nascar performance wires " ????
Luckily i was bought a NGK wire set at ebay~~~CHEAP PRICE!:D
acpac_jet- i use castrol syntec full synthetic motor oil. what grade you use depends on how many miles you have. i have about 100k miles and use 10W-40. So i've heard, the best fuel system cleaner and intake-manifold cleaner is Sea-Foam. I'm not sure if this is available in your area. You can also try the Valvoline Synthetic fuel-system cleaner. Um, as far as other stuff to tune up your car, just ask you auto parts store what you need for a major tune-up.

TALRUDEBOY- I'm not sure if this link will work, but just try going to and searching for them. I only got them over the NGK wires b/c I get a discount at the Checker Auto store I work at. BTW, may I inquire about your sign-on name? Any reference to a genere of music...? http://WWW.PARTSAMERICA.COM/SelectP...urcePage=PartTypes&SearchFor=Plug+Wires+-+Set

I had this Screen Name for a very long time. I am jamaican and I do liste to Reggae. In all I like all music. It depends on my mood.
You like the name?
TALRUDEBOY- i asked about your name cause it sounded like a reference to ska music or reggea. i actually listen to a lot of reggea music, old ska, dub music, marley, drum and bass/jungle, etc.

You might want to check out a live radio broadcast from on mondays 5:00-8:00 PM PST / 8:00-11:00 PM EST.

One of the better sources for true reggea music. there are also other reggea shows on the station, just look around.
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